The Avid Builder workout

Looking to put on some good quality muscle? This workout which is broken down by specific muscle groups , is designed to target the primary muscles in 3 days. Day 1, chest and triceps, day 2, back and shoulders, biceps, and day 3 legs. then repeat. with ab workouts included. Also the perfect plan for contest prep. Rest days can be taken as needed but no more than 2 in a 7 day time frame.  This plan also pairs pefectly with the Avid build Prep diet.  The Avid builder diet plan is the perfect blend of lean proteins, and healthy carbs  broken down into high carb days and low carb days, with supplementation choices included as long as its approved by your medical doctor. With the being the builder plan, you are looking to pack on muscle, with minimum fat increase. combined with the avid builder workout plan this is a sure way to make the right kind of gains while losing the right kind of fat.  Thinking about competing? This plan and diet will have you on track and will work well on a 12 to 16 week prep. Or even if you are not planning on competing and you just simplY want to look and feel dope.  Check out the Avid Builder Plus Meal.


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