• Jae Griggs


Updated: Aug 30, 2018

I hear it time and time again from females when I suggest that they must start a weight training program in order to lose weight. “But won’t lifting weights make me look like a man?”

This is simply NOT true when it comes to females and resistance training! While men and women are structurally similar, there are many physiological differences that affect the different sexes ability to gain muscle mass.  The main reason that females can’t gain muscle mass like men is the difference in hormones.   Testosterone is the main hormone that promotes muscle growth and other male traits like body hair, deep voice, increased muscle mass. You may say that both male and females produce testosterone…  Yes they do, but men produce testosterone at a much HIGHER level than women.  

  But because females have less free testosterone than males at rest, any increase is not significant enough to allow for muscle hypertrophy to the extent of a male.  

Diet is another (VERY) important key component of gaining muscle mass. To gain muscle mass you need to be eating more than the maintenance level calories. Because females are usually smaller than males, females usually require and eat less than men.  If a female ate the same amount of food that a male ate to gain mass, she would most likely end up gaining a lot of unwanted body-fat. Personally, I don’t see a woman eating as much as man in most cases.

In conclusion getting big and bulky like a man doesn’t happened from heavy weight training. A female gets masculine because of the excess testosterone paired with chronic resistance training and diet directed at muscle growth. The image of the female bodybuilder in the minds of the public is a result of said females chronically using illegal substances in order to increase their muscle mass and size.   For the female who is not doing this (taking steroids or any type of growth hormone), they can lift as hard and as heavy as they wish and will never come close to looking like a man. Just remember, you want more lean muscle in order to increase your basal metabolic rate (BMR). This way at rest, your body is burning more calories than before with little to no muscle.

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